Focusing on your company goals is our #1 priority.  Creating a hospitable and enjoyable climate for your participants is of equal value.  Our dedicated team will make sure that we build a unique concept for you and give your participants the opportunity to have a good time during the process.

Rewarding those who grow your business should be an inspiring process.  Our motivated team has the experience to adjust extreme ideas into enjoyable moments that you will only have the chance to live with us.

No more jumping in the sack… Corporates nowadays do have a life and the will to experience new concepts, sports and hobbies. Teams are forged in the battlefield of the contemporary business environment. We will build your team through an experiential process, supervised by open-minded life coaches and top athletes/ craftsmen.

Launching a product might be extremely complicated and tricky. Our team consists of marketeers, life coaches, psychologists and athletes. The combination has always been leading to differentiated concepts that would fit an original approach to the needs of each product or service.

Our Clients